Dummy Tickets with Verifiable PNR for $10

Welcome to our dummy tickets booking platform.We are thrilled to provide you with a hassle free way to book dummy tickets for your travel adventure.Whether you are planning a business or leisure trip our easy-to-use platform ensures that you can quickly book original dummy tickets which hold a verifiable PNR.



$ 14 INR 1155 | AED 50
  • Verifiable PNR
  • Confirmed Validity
  • Multi city Options available
  • Multiple corrections possible

Dummy tickets

Airport Proof of Return
$ 10 INR 825 | AED 36
  • Verifiable PNR
  • Confirmed Validity
  • Valid Proof of return
  • Multiple corrections possible

Dummy Tickets +

Dummy Hotel Booking
$ 23 INR 2888 | AED 128
  • Ticket with Valid PNR
  • Confirmed Hotel Reservation
  • Valid upto 2-3 weeks
  • Multiple corrections possible

Travel Itinerary

Visa Application
$ 23 INR 2311 | AED 102
  • Authentic Travel Itinerary
  • Detailed Travel Plan
  • Specially curated Trip details
  • Multiple corrections possible


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Dummy ticket is usually used for visa application, used for proof of return to show airline and for passport renewal. Most popular use for dummy ticket is for visa application.

Most of the embassy’s ask for ticket itinerary or ticket reservation for the visa purpose. Dummy.tickets provide with  dummy tickets to show embassy and it will be valid for 1-2 weeks. We provide you with dummy hotel and dummy ticket for your visa application. We also provide with travel itinerary. 

Unfortunately, We will not be able to travel using the dummy ticket as its just holdable ticket and will be valid for few days. If you wish to purchase the same ticket we can help you book with same ticket as per you request.

Yes, we allow you to make changes on dates as in some cases embassy ask the applicant to change the dates. We do not allow to change names on the same order. Changes on dates can be made within 1 month of the purchase.

Till date we havent got any rejections due to dummy tickets as we provide verifiable pnr and vfs or the embassy can crosscheck.

These tickets are mainly used for travelers who visit to another country on tourist visa. According to airlines if the traveler is traveling on tourist visa they should carry a return ticket. Dummy.tickets can provide you with proof of return for showing in the airport.

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